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Jul 30, 2021

Hi. Teresa Lee (@leresatee) joins Katy and Cody to talk about the delta variant, infrastructure being in-frustrating, and why people criticizing Simone Biles are really just afraid of their own failure.


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Jul 23, 2021

Hi. On today's episode, Cody, Katy, and producer Jonathan Harris talk about why the Olympics shouldn't be happening this week (or maybe ever), why it's probably not going to save the world to manufacture cars in space, and how a mental health pilot program that replaces cops with social workers is working!


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Jul 16, 2021

Hi. Happy National Be a Dork Day! Cody Johnston and guest host Dave Schilling (@dave_schilling) chat with Katie Goldin (@KatieGoldin) about the protests in Cuba, a lack of action on a national voter rights bill, Spike Lee's digital currency commercial, and why goldfish get so big when people dump them in a lake (please...

Jul 2, 2021

Hi. In today's episode, Andrew Ti (@AndrewTi) from “Yo, Is This Racist?” joins Katy and Cody to talk about the release of Bill Cosby, the death of Donald Rumsfeld, the incompetence of the LAPD, and the fleeing of Meghan McCain.


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Jun 25, 2021

Hi. There is a ton of breaking news FOR OUR 150TH EPISODE!!!! With special guest, our new Even More News producer, Jonathan Harris (@countrycaravan).


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